Friday, September 13, 2013


Once a fortress then royal palace before the king decamped to Versailles which is even bigger and grander, Louvre is now a museum since 1789 when the French beheaded their own king and queen! 

The Louvre is of course the world's most famous museum as it boasts not one but 3 icons that represent artistic human achievement at its best.

Heading the list is of course Mona Lisa which popular legend says King Francis 1 used to hang it in his loo so he could admire it while pissing or shitting! But this is urban legend as 'loo' is of course 'Louvre'! And yes, it did hang in the Louvre to this day!

Then there is the Winged Victory which is under maintenance! I was so disappointed as it had vanished from the landing of the grand staircase!

Luckily Venus de Milo (named after the island not the popular chocolate drink) is in full frontal display!

Kee Hua Chee caused a stir with his winged cap and backpack

Kee Hua Chee as Hermes the winged messenger of the gods
A bit of whipping for the bad guy
Daniel and the lion from whose paw he removed a thorn

I love his pink garment---so, ahem, alternative

This is a young princess

The Madonna looks like a preteen girl

Sub rosa, the secret of the rose

Grand foyer
Weird and modern construction inside a courtyard

Sign announcing the disappearance of Winged Victory

Marble throne

Marble warrior of the Borghese

Nice ass
Nice crack...

The ceilings also compete for attention

No this is not the Winged Victory!
But Hermes

I am stunned by the magnificent decor and statuary of Louvre as I love angels, cupids, cherubs and Belle Epoque decorative elements
Nice or what

So cute this cherubim

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