Tuesday, August 2, 2011



For the first time in Malaysian history and also in the history of the Olympics, a Malaysian fashion event of epic proportions will be held in London, the world's greatest city.
Jonny Dodge  Dato' Nancy Yeoh at Trafalgar Square.jpg
Despite his name, Jonny Dodge is not a dodgy character and here the handsome hunk stands in Trafalgar Square with Dato Nancy Yeoh in a lught drizzle though I am not sure if the umbrellas are fashion props or functional. To match the gloomy dark weather, overcast sky, dire economic climate and displayed outfits, Dato Nancy Yeoh decided to wear black too so as to blend with the pavement! I think the guy in happy red sweater stands out more.

STYLO International has really hit the bigtime and jackpot with the staging of STYLO Fashion Grand Prix in conjunction with the London Summer Olympics 2012, the world's MOST IMPORTANT SPORTING event! In fact, Prince William wanted to hold his wedding in 2012 but was ordered by Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron to push it to April this year so as not to compete for attention with London Olympics! More so when the 2012 Olympics will be the last as the world is supposed to end on 21/12/12 or is it 12/12/12? The Olympics will be in June so whatever happens (or does not happen) the Games will go on since Doomsday would still be 6 months to go.

If this event running concurrently with 2012 London Summer Olympics does not elevate this home-grown brand onto a pedestal like a Greek god (or goddess since founder owner operator Dato Nancy Yeoh is, I believe, a member of the female species) then nothing will. The gods atop Mount Olympus have already approve of this auspicious conjunction as it is already written in the sky. Just look up to the heavens tonight and you will see 'London Olympics 2012' linked to 'STYLO Fashion Grand Prix' and shining side by side in the night sky!

So far STYLO has debuted in Singapore so this London fest is the first time it will be held in Europe. Formidable as Dato Nancy Yeoh is, even she needs support in London as she is now only in the process of setting up STYLO London office in Mayfair which is the world's most prestigious and priciest area as in Monopoly the boardgame the most expensive lot is Mayfair followed by Park Lane!

Below are scenes of STYLO's 7 Deadly Sins in Kuala Lumpur
What a dish to set before the King!
Life is all fun and games!
Life in a gilded cage is really cracked up to be what it is supposed to be!
Feathered swing is the in thing
The rake and the raven or something like that
High drama
Captivated captives
What a horny devil

After a successful run at the Formula 1, the country’s biggest fashion festival STYLO Fashion Grand Prix is gearing up to debut at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

According to its President and CEO Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, the London edition will see a strong fusion of Malaysian, Asian and Western fashion influences. It will preview this September at the stroke of midnight on the opening evening of London Fashion Week with its recycling theme "The 7 Deadly Sins: Recycling is the new Black" which is a perfectly politically correct theme yet infused with enough glamour and decadence to attract London's Hi-So which is a new term I coined to mean 'High Society'! So please give me credit each time you use this funky cool word! I have also registered 'Lo-So' (Low Society though it sounds like a Cantonese word!) and Mi-So (Middleclass Society and not Miso Soup ok?). Maybe for Mi-So I should use Mi-Ca-So as in Middle Class Society, what do you think? As for me, I am in Divi-So which is Divine Society as I am not really human nor of this world.

But I digress...

Anyway, The 7 Deadly Sins theme is not new to STYLO as it ran successfully with Lamborghini during the 2009 Singapore F1 season and with Mercedes- Benz at the 2010 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix on the back of a recycling campaign. The only difference here is that it will be brought to life at the height of the London fashion season as preview to the main event during the Olympics. This theme has been such a runaway success it should be duplicated all over the world the way 'Cats' or 'Phantom of the Opera' has several identikit shows (but obviously with different actors) playing in various cities simultaneously.

"We hope to be able to capture part of the attention of the international media and buyers present there at that time by keeping true to our DNA in providing ‘fashion-tainment. It is also our prelude to the main event in August of 2012,” said Yeoh, whose fabulous hourglass figure and fantastic cleavage should set London's tabloids on fire.

She said part of the presentation will feature several Malaysians who will work alongside their London contemporaries in the staging of the preview. Presenting their talents to this international audience will be Faisol Abdullah of Jendela KL, Mercedes-Benz STYLO Designer of the Year 2011, Lorenzo Peh, Mercedes-Benz STYLO Emerging Designer of the Year 2011 and A Cut Above featuring Winnie Loo and Faevian Yee.

In keeping with STYLO’s blueprint, London’s smart and fashionable set will be made to seek clues to its secret location. A total of 350 top guests will be handpicked in collaboration with co-host Dato’ Jimmy Choo and will await instructions at Trafalgar Square for directions to the fashion hideout somewhere in central London. I can confirm the Secret Venue will NOT be Buckingham Palace as rumoured nor will it be Prince William's home in Kensington Palace though he might be attending the party!

As the 7 Deadly Sins takes its name from the myriad of human emotions – Greed, Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony and Wrath which have contributed to the deterioration of mankind and Mother Earth, designers will bring creations to life on the fashion runway that represented these sins of mankind. Messages of conservation will be communicated via avant-garde fashion creations constructed out of carton boxes, magazines, tin cans, plastic, newspapers, biodegradable fabrics and vintage clothing.

Waste not, want not!

Yeoh added “The festival has been engineered for a lively exchange of high fashion banter and gestures while taking in the diversity and multi-ethnicity that London has to offer. In many ways it is not unlike Malaysia with our fabulous melting-pot of cultures and we hope the fashion week will be able to create the much-needed prelude in the lead-up to the London Olympics.”

She added STYLO needs to debut a year ahead in order to build the much-needed awareness for the event. “While people in London may be intrigued by our concept so far, the fact remains they don’t know who we are and what we have back home. It is our hope our Malaysian fashion team will wow them and not be there just for the sake of it. Forward-planning and preparations will help bring us closer to our dream.”

GP Events Ltd, owned by prominent London personality Jonny Dodge, has been appointed as the official event partner who will be managing STYLO’s London debut.

It is a highly reputable organiser within the F1 Grand Prix circles and is responsible for the F1 concerts and events series in Europe and Asia. He is also co-owner of “Aura”, a prestigious club in Mayfair and popular haunt of top celebrities such as Madonna.

Taking center stage at the London debut is also the moving of STYLO’s International Office from Singapore to London in the last quarter of 2011 which marks yet another milestone for the company. And high time too since who is interested in a teeny weeny patch of land who needs water from us when STYLO can be consorting with European elite?